Crashes on launch

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2019-06-13 12:39:06

I bought a license. Today I ran into such a problem: when I open the file, the program says, That my trial period has ended and offers to buy the application (but it has already been purchased). If you open the program by clicking on the label - just crashes.

Here are the logs.
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2019-06-13 17:17:09

I can see you're using the developer beta of macOS 10.15. Needless to say, as it's an early preview of macOS not suitable for public use, things like this can happen. We're working on some fixes already and this particular issue (crash on launch) is known.

The trial issue is probably as a result of attempting to open a trial version that has been left behind somewhere on your Mac. If you search for Pixelmator Pro using Spotlight and see multiple versions, you can press Command-Enter to show their locations in the Finder. The full version should be located in your Applications folder and any others can be deleted. If that doesn't help, delete all versions you can find and redownload a fresh copy from the Mac App Store.

And for anyone else considering taking the developer beta for a spin, remember — something will invariably stop working. If you don't like crashes, wait for the public beta or — better yet — the stable release in the fall. Thank you.