Phantom window update [ Case #42537 ]

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2019-04-20 19:27:19

I reported a phantom window with PixPro as in the above case number. I thought that the window on my previous image might be running because of multiple instances of Pix Pro running, because when I ⌘Q'd the PixPro window the phantom rectangle remained and the apple menu said PixPro was still running ; ⌘Q again and the transparent window went away. But when I tried to replicate it the transparent window goes away too. The transparent window in this image, as before, is immovable but very selectable to foreground or background. Image
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2019-04-21 18:34:43

This issue seems to have been long-lived, and it sometimes invokes weird behaviour with app switching and Mission Control beyond just the existence of a substanceless, uncloseable window.

What do we know about this? Is it actually not widespread…?
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2019-04-23 07:30:12

It's not especially widespread, but this will be fixed in 1.3.4 — the next Pixelmator Pro update.
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2019-05-26 09:02:41

(Whew – nice to have that phantom exterminated since the update to 1.3.4.) ^ ^
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2019-05-27 19:28:12

Love seeing bug fixes like this get noticed — honestly!