Support hot keys on Cyrillic keyboard layouts

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2019-04-07 16:30:25

Hi Pixelmator Pro team and community!

I am happy to use Pixelmator Pro Prism (1.3.3, build 90329.1637) on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4. Thank a lot for your hard work on development of this amazing product!

I am not English-speaking user and often use Cyrillic keyboard layout; in my case Ukrainian but Russian is even more popular. Sometimes it's really annoying that I need to switch keyboard layout back to Latin (in my case English US) to be able to use tool changing hot keys. I would be really happy if you provide a support of hot keys by key-code instead character-code.

Thanks a lot for considering my feature request!
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2019-04-08 17:58:31

Thanks for the bug report — that definitely needs to be addressed, but in the meantime, could you try creating your own keyboard shortcuts and let me know if it works for you? Here's how to do that: ... shortcuts/
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2019-04-16 09:45:10

Thanks a lot Andrius!

I tried but MacOS allows only to add shortcuts with latin keyboard layout and make it independently from layout, i.e. if I add a shortcut on Ukrainian keys, the OS still shows me latin symbols on the screen. However, I can add custom shortcuts only with control keys, i.e. Command, Option or Control but I cannot override single-key shortcuts for tools. It's implemented and unfortunately hardcoded by software. That's why I created a report.

By the way, could you please provide any single-key shortcut for Clone tool. It's really often used. Or use similar to Photoshop approach: Shift+Letter-key (e.g. Shift+C) changes to another tool in the group.

Thanks you.
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2019-04-23 07:19:58

Ok, I've just had a talk with the devs about this and it turns out this is just how things work across macOS, character codes, rather than key codes are used and as we use the default macOS system menus, etc., there isn't really anything we can do to override this. As for single-key shortcuts — that's another macOS limitation so, unfortunately, not much we can do without creating a completely separate system for keyboard shortcuts.

A shortcut for the Clone tool and Shift+letter to cycle through tools is already on the request list, so we'll see what we can do.
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2019-04-23 11:46:31


thanks a lot for considering my feature request. I really appreciate that and looking forward to see improvements of keyboard shortcuts.