Importing Pixelmator's HEIF images into Photos

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2019-03-13 16:45:33

Hello folks. Before I begin, sorry for posting on this forum, I am not sure this is an actual bug on Pixelmator or on Apple's software.

When exporting HEIF images out of Pixelmator Pro and importing them on Photos on Mac itself (with iCloud enabled), these images display visual artifacts as if they were corrupted. I've noticed 2 different kinds of artifacts, one is green stripes on the right hand side of the image and the other is a displaced squared area of the image in the lower right side of the picture when they are displayed in fullscreen.

I've exported 2 pictures to show the artifacts. One is from my iPhone where I see the green stripes (sorry for redacting some personal data from this picture - the relevant part was left left intact). And the other is from my Mac, so it's a large fullscreen picture. Notice the tree in the lower right hand corner of the picture. That entire "square" is displaced. This effect only happens on Pixelmator exported HEIF pictures. iPhone HEIF pictures are fine and Pixelmator JPEGs are fine too.

Is there something broken with Apple's own HEIF compressor (which I am guessing Pixelmator uses)? Or could this be a bug on the software?

macOS Mojave 10.14.3
Pixelmator Pro 1.3.2 Prism
iPhone 12.1.4

Thank you!

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2019-03-13 16:50:39

By the way, I forgot to mention. When these images are opened with Preview or with Pixelmator itself they look fine, no artifacts. Moreover, the effects are dependent on the devices. So the image only show the green stripes when viewed on the iPhone and the same image will display the displaced block when viewed on the Mac. Therefore, no green stripes on the Mac and no displaced square on the iPhone.