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2019-03-06 18:16:17

When text is selected and the font library is activated from within the 'text' panel, several of the fonts listed show as HELVETICA within the highlighted text even though the font sample shows the correct style for the font chosen.

Can you help with this?
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2019-10-30 20:01:41

Just a bit more information on this. I am having what seems to be the same problem. I just upgraded from Pixelmator to Pixelmator Pro v1.5.1

I'm reworking an image, and changing the fonts and the general layout. Selecting an existing piece of text, I then selected the fonts dropdown and
use the arrow keys to go down the list. It seems I have six fonts which work: Avenir Next, Avenir Next Condensed, Futura, Gilbert Color, Helvetica, Helvetica Neue

All other fonts appeared to show as Helvetica.

While I was searching the community for this issue, I quit Pixelmator Pro. I had about 4 documents open at the time, and the one I had the problem with had been created in Pixelmator Pro (from an original document created in Pixelmator)

Relaunching Pixelmator Pro and reopening my document seemed to fix the problem for a short time, but after scrolling through fonts again for a few minutes the exact problem came back.

However, if I create a new piece of text and then scroll through fonts to choose a different one, I don't have the problem with that piece of text (when I go back to the original piece of text and scroll through fonts list it still has the issue)

Hope that this is useful to someone!
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2019-10-30 21:50:26

My example video may have gotten there or not. Like the previous user problem reporting stuck in Helvetica problems, but my two examples returned to Lucida Grande, or Menlo. I had several selected of my plethora of Fonts stuck, but many returned to one of those two fonts. This was not an exhaustive text by any means. I will try to mail the .mov to support too. Pretty sure the video did not get there - 80Mb!
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2019-10-31 16:30:25

Actually the problem persists in 10.15.1. I thought because the list item stuck it was working. It is not.
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2019-11-01 09:29:55

I think these issues are a little different from the one reported in the original post but, as far as I remember, we did try to fix this bug in 1.5.1, though I've just been able to reproduce it on my MacBook. But it seems this only happens when attempting to change the font with text that does not have those characters in the font. So, if your text has Latin letter but the font is, for example, a Hebrew one. I believe Pixelmator Pro should still probably show the correct font in the pop-up menu but the text will actually be displayed in a default font, so what you're seeing is partially correct. Does that sound like the issue you're having?

EDIT: I've actually been able to repro this (in almost the same way) in TextEdit — could you see if you're able to use those fonts there?
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2019-11-01 15:48:04

Image The fonts that changed to Lucida Grande or Menlo for me do not even appear in the TextEdit font list. (png) They were non-english (symbolic or foreign) fonts. I can't get TextEdit to misbehave. And when I have just an "English" Smart Collection in FontBook the fonts I had problems with do not appear as in the attached list image.
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2019-11-06 16:50:13

If you choose Show Fonts, you'll be able to see those fonts in TextEdit with the All Fonts collection selected. In any case, we're looking into this!