Opening image opens a new window

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2018-11-10 09:27:45

Well, since everybody has something to say about how Finder and Pixelmator and the Dock interact, I thought I would point out my gripe. While Pixelmator does not have a window open, but it does have the blue dot underneath it in the Dock, if I drag a picture to the icon, it opens a window with in in the current desktop, but it also adds a Desktop with the last pictures that were active when I closed the program. So, then I have to Merge all windows.

I think that if I last opened Pixelmator Pro (1.2.2) in its own full-screen desktop, subsequent images should go to it, and focus be established on that desktop. Just like Mail, Safari, iTunes, etc. do.

Just a thought.
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2018-11-13 08:36:09

That's a fair thought — if I've understood correctly, the main thing you're looking for is for Pixelmator Pro documents to open in your current window when there is an instance of the app in full screen. If that's the case, I reckon that would make sense, but that's actually not how productivity apps like Keynote/Pages/Numbers work and we use the system functionality here. I'll add this to our feature request list though, so we'll keep it in mind.