Horrible merging issues!

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2018-01-29 07:50:15


I've never come across a piece of software this buggy in my life. The most aggravating issue for me is with merging layers. Roughly half the time, it completely shifts the newly merged layers in whichever direction it wants...but, almost every single time it merges them with glitches scattered all over the picture. I'm on the latest version. My Mac is one year old and is up to date.

I loved the original Pixelmator. The layout of Pixelmator Pro is gorgeous. But this program simply is not ready for public use, and is not at all worthy of the "Pro" moniker. I've wasted an hour and a half of my time trying to do something that I can easily do in the old Pixelmator. I hate saying this, but I'm pretty upset that I paid for this, and as of right now, won't be recommending Pixelmator Pro to anyone.