Arrange Tool Rotate Math is Wrong

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2017-12-19 17:57:17

The Rotate option in the Arrange Tool has arrows to increment and decrement but it doesn't seem to know how to decrement past 0º.

Moreover the actual rotate value seems do be a float of some precision that is rounded to one decimal for the UI. Still it's possible to enter a value using the dial or manual text entry such as 359.95º which will display 360.0º in the rotate tool but the actual rotation on the image is 359.95º. A value like 0.04º will produce rotation but display 0.0º. Rotating using the inc/dec buttons conserves hidden decimal places.

Thus two rotations, using the dial may display the same value in the UI but in fact not be equal.

Also the rotate dial is wildly imprecise which is why you must have put the dec/incrementer arrows, which means its a real tragedy that they don't operate on the most precise digit. A 0.1º rotation on a 3000px wide image is about 3px up or down at the edge.

In case the user manually types an exact value the whole value should be displayed so 30.95125º should not show 40.0º but actually the whole 30.95125º value. The number of decimals should be limited by the internal representation (float or long or whatever) or some arbitrary but reasonable limit.

The inc/dec could maybe always operate on the most precise digit: If a user inputs 1º manually then inc/dec in 1º. If the user enters 13.443 or 1.000 then inc/dec on the thousandths place.

The UI should handle two decimals and should make is usable. Perhaps track the coarse direction as is until the user presses alt/option then activate a fine control mode. The value from the dial should be rounded before it is applied to the image so that the UI and actual rotation never disagree.
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2017-12-21 00:20:09

"Also the rotate dial is wildly imprecise"

Quick tip: I've found it works better if you start dragging on the dial, then pull your mouse way out to a really wide radius. That lets you be much more precise.

Of course, command-dragging on the corner of the layer will probably be an easier-to-control way to do precise rotations with the mouse.

As for that inc/dec stuff — good catch! That seems like something they could change to improve the UX.