Pixelmator Pro Won't Copy!

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2017-12-01 01:54:40

I'm trying to copy a section out of a .png screenshot, and Pixelmator Pro is refusing to do it. I see "Copied" onscreen, but no Clipboard option appears in File/New... and when I go to the Finder and select View Clipboard, there's nothing there!
Note that when I do the same thing in original Pixelmator as a test, it all works fine. Clipboard shows up as an option, and the Finder View Clipboard shows what I coped out of Pixelmator.
What's going on?
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2017-12-17 16:04:03

I now think this is a conflict with Copied, a clipboard utility. Interestingly, the original Pixelamator does not have this conflict. In PP 1.05, this manifests as the Copy command working, but the Paste command does not. (The copied PP content successfully appears in Copied.)
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2018-02-02 01:38:08

Just to bump this up again. I'm now convinced this is a conflict with Copied — and maybe other clipboard apps — but the thing is, classic Pixelmator works just fine with Copied. Could you please have a look at this? I understand that users of Pixelmator Pro who also use Copied are a subset of customers, but this is still a problem in our workflow.
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2018-02-02 05:58:05

Thanks for taking the time to dig deeper into this — we'll do some testing with the Copied app to see what's going on under the hood here. 👌
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2018-05-11 02:38:52

Thanks for this post because I use Copied and have been so frustrated about not being able to copy and paste a selection and having turned off Copied it's working.

So, yeah, there's a problem here.
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2018-06-29 15:32:47

This is still broken, so, um, BUMP!
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2021-09-27 22:59:28

FYI regular Pixelmator used to cut and paste images with ZERO problems and yet I can't seem to do this most basic of functions w/ "new and improved" Pixelmator Pro (?)

And also BTW I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination but am usually able to figure out how to use these kinds of "prosumer" programs, but I must confess I am very confused/frustrated by this situation as it is preventing me from doing actual work (!)

Pixelmator Pro tech support team could you pls provide a solution to this vexing problem.
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2021-09-27 23:26:40

I have zero problems cutting and pasting in PP UNLESS I have something selected that I forgot about or am not on the layer I thought I was. I confess I have never heard of "copied"; I use 'Paste' which grabs all clipboard data everytime I copy part or a screen image or plain text - works great.