Easily applying color adjustments to missed areas

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2021-05-18 21:57:09

I frequently quick-select areas of a photo so I can adjust the colors in specific areas of a photo. It's one of my favorite uses for Pixelmator Pro. However, sometimes I select an area so quickly that after I adjust the exposure and brightness and three other things, I realize I left out an area I wanted to apply the same adjustments to.

At this point I could either deselect the areas I just finished, go back and select the additional area, and try to precisely replicate the adjustments I made a moment ago. Or I could undo the adjustments I made, return to the quick selection tool, hold shift, add the areas I need, and then start adding the color adjustments all over again.

Maybe I'm missing an easier way, but if there's not one, this seems like a prime opportunity for a new feature:
When an area of a photo is selected and color adjustments have been made there, it would be amazing if users could add those same color adjustments to a new area of the photo automatically by simply holding shift and clicking to quick-select other areas of the photo while still on the color adjustments tool, without having to switch tools.

Thanks for your consideration and for making Pixelmator Pro awesome.
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2021-05-25 07:40:11

Hey there. I understand what you're trying to do and I actually think it's an interesting idea. I've shared it with the team! In the meantime, I'd suggest the following workflow that might save you a few steps:

1. With the adjusted selection still active, Control-click the edited layer in the Layers sidebar and choose Color Adjustments > Copy Adjustments.
2. Once you do that, from the same menu, choose Reset Adjustments.
3. Then, choose the selection tool and add or subtract the additional areas you want.
4. Control-click the layer in the Layers sidebar again, then choose Color Adjustments > Paste Adjustments.

To speed up the process, you can also create keyboard shortcuts for the Copy, Paste, Reset adjustments commands.
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2021-05-27 17:45:31

Thank you, Aurelija! That's a good workaround 👍
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2021-06-01 13:45:35

by Harris 2021-05-27 14:45:31 Thank you, Aurelija! That's a good workaround 👍