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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2021-04-20 14:24:08

It would be nice if every shape in Pixelmator has an option to make sharp edges round.
I know I can use make smooth path. But it is not the same as corner radius. I have to manually adjust it. Here is an example Image
Also, right now changing color is very difficult. I have to go into shape section every time which is very time consuming. I mainly use this app for illustration, so it would be nice if you guys add global swatches and a feature to extract all the colors of a photo.
In case of sky replacement, quick selection is inaccurate near the branches. Also, around hairy subjects. A feature to refine selection is needed.
Also, workspace customization is very limited. Nobody need the layers section to take up the whole top to bottom of the screen. You guys should add or at least let us add a properties panel so we can change stroke and fill color easily at the bottom half of the screen.
btw, I am in love with the app. This app is amazing. It is blazing fast, lightweight and so simple to use.❤️❤️
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2021-04-22 08:39:34

Thanks for the feedback and for the kind words, too! Most of the things/improvements you've mentioned are already on our roadmap (some easier to implement than others), so Pixelmator Pro should only get better and even more fun to use in the future.