Collection of Apple Scripts for Pixelmator Pro

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2021-02-22 05:38:29

How great it would be if Pixelmator website included (or linked to) a collection of Apple Scripts created by users!

First, it's the easiest way to add functionality to Pixelmator - I'm sure that over time people will write many excellent scripts that I did not know were possible.

Second, it's a great learning opportunity - I have 10+ years of programming experience but never wrote Apple Script. Reading other people scripts would help me tremendously.

Right now, the only source I found is here in the forum. It kinda works as a collection of scripts but will quickly become inconvenient.

Some examples of similar collections:
1) -- workflows for Alfred
2) ... t=installs -- plugins for Figma
3) -- Svelte community resources
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2021-02-26 11:47:58

That's a great idea! A dedicated forum section — not just separate, scattered threads — for user-created content (scripts, presets, tutorials, etc.) has actually been on my mind for quite some time. Do you think a resource like this would be more helpful and convenient to you?