Resize when exporting

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2021-02-20 04:31:42

I'm relatively new to Pixelmator Pro and am very surprised that the Export for Web command does not include the ability to resize the image. Every other image app I've used regularly allows this. It should not require two steps to resize and export an image.
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2021-02-22 05:27:19

I came here to upvote this feature request, because I often need to export an image with specific dimensions (e.g. 8000x5000 image into 2560x1600 jpg). However, I realized that my case must be minor, not needed by most users.

It's true, though, that both Photoshop and Affinity have Size inputs in their Export interface. This allows me to change size "temporary" during export. I imagine this is mostly useful when the entire image is exported, not a slice.

Export panel in Figma has a very elegant solution - perhaps Pixelmator Pro could be inspired by it! Instead of simple dropdown list (0.5x ... 3x), they got an input field with some default options in dropdown. E.g. you can choose "3x" from the list, but you can also type "256w" or "1000h".

This is great, because it does not add new elements to the interface (for those who don't need arbitrary size), but gives more control for those who need.
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2021-02-24 13:01:46

That's definitely a nice-to-have feature (and quite frequently requested, too) so there's a good chance you'll see it added to Pixelmator Pro one day.