Disable delete-or-save on application quit

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2021-02-10 15:22:34

When closing Pixelmator I'm prompted to delete or save any PXD documents I created during a session. Is there a way to disable this behavior? If I want to save a PXD I'm confident in my ability to do that prior to quitting - in fact I'm pretty obsessive about saving whenever I make a change I intend to keep during a session. But when I want to quit the app, I want to quit it no questions asked without reviewing anything. Is there an option to disable the delete-or-save behavior?
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2021-02-10 15:31:52

Hey there. Pixelmator Pro follows macOS settings here. You can go to System Preferences > General to change this behavior. In particular, you'd need to make sure "Ask to keep changes when closing documents" is deselected. Hope that helps!