Alignment of Shape anchor points.

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2021-02-01 18:45:24

I once suggested this to Sebastian and he thought it might be easy to permit aligning Shape anchor points , like in the image below. You might notice in this generated picture that my right edge alignment is not quite right because there is no alignment function; I did better on the top edge alignment. ;^)

This image started with a simple pentagon shape; I wished to realign the top and rightmost anchors with the top. the right side of the image would be allowing alignment of the two selected anchor points to the right. This ability would be very helplful for modifying shaped text anchor points as you may like. It might be good to have the keyboard shortcut be the same - just different based on items selected (for just shape anchor points or any other basic elements) - that might require changing the "Edges" menu text to "Items". (I don't know if you can modify menu items on the fly.

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2021-02-05 09:19:24

Thanks for the reminder! I'm not sure if your suggestion reached the devs the last time but I'll make sure to pass it on and we'll consider it for the next batch of vector-related updates.