Edit the Path / Shape with Double Click to the Layer Name

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2021-01-28 10:05:44

Make editable with double click

and need the Make Editable command in the Layers context menu
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2021-02-01 13:43:36

Try double-clicking the shape while holding down the Command key. It'll temporarily switch the Shape tool to the "arrange" mode instead of the "draw" mode, making the Make Editable command possible.

As for making this option available in the Layers menu — we'll have to think about it. Do you have a workflow where this would be preferable to the same option in the shape's contextual menu or the Format menu?
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2021-02-03 11:26:41

In this case, when is to many shape layer in the canvas ...

autoselect layer is a horror ... and often, not the right shape selected to edit.

to reach from the layers, its very quick and safe solution...

some times, the context menu isnt apear from the selected shape ... (not contain the Make editable menu entry )
i dont no why .. maybe a bug .. in this case, i deselecting the layer, select another shape, and select again the first shape ...

default shortcut PLS for this command ..

(and regular shortcut remap feature for the Pixelmator )
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2021-02-05 15:51:01

Yeah, that's true for multilayered documents. But in such cases, you can select the shape you want to make editable in the Layers sidebar, then choose Format > Shape > Make Editable from the Format menu at the top. Either way, I've shared your suggestion with the team. We'll have to consider the options that we have here.