Pen tool - do not snap by default

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2021-01-14 13:43:32

Let the snapping be optional .. ( for all tool )
the curent method is frustrating ...
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2021-01-14 15:17:41

Snapping is optional in Pixelmator Pro! You can temporarily disable it by holding down the Command key or turn it off completely by deselecting all the guide options under View > Guides.
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2021-01-15 08:26:16

Bad idea ...
Snapping is not optional, currently .. because it's always ON ...
the disable is Optional ...

Thx the tip !
in my scene, no guides ... but the ruler is problem.

But i think, this reverse concept is not god ...
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2021-01-15 16:21:56

In View > Guides, there are four options:

• Show Guides at Object Center
• Show Guides at Objects Edges
• Show Relative Sizes
• Show Relative Spacing

If you turn off all four of those, snapping will be turned off app-wide.
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2021-01-17 11:17:18

Ok.... i understand ... but why turn off / on all these ? when i want to draw without snapping ?
The standard method in all program, is :

a) dedicated snapping ON/OFF toggle command-menu entry-shortcut
b) the snapping is optional, when is needed ... and hold down the key until is needed..

the snapping is rarely needed !