Export scale factors for Android

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2020-12-22 10:24:36

Hi im mobile developer and love that we can export slices in multiple scale factors usable for ios and mac. But for android we need two more:

Low-density (~120dpi) ldpi @0.5x
Medium-density (~160dpi) mdpi original scale
High-density (~240dpi) hdpi @1.5x
Extra-high-density (~320dpi) xhdpi @2x
Extra-extra-high-density (~480dpi) xxhdpi @3x
Extra-extra-extra-high-density (~640dpi) xxxhdpi @4x

Can you add missing @1.5x and @4x scales, please ?
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2020-12-22 12:21:21

With so many options, It might make sense to allow creating custom factors. In any case, we already have this in mind, just haven't had time to address it.