Is there tutorial on how to edit milky way DNG photos?

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-12-18 02:49:43

Hi, I just bought Pixelmator Pro, and with the newly launched ProRAW in iPhone 12 Pro, we could capture the milky way photos as said.

But it seems that it might not be easy to find how to use pixelmator to edit it(And lots of lightroom tutorial :p), like: ... e&ie=UTF-8

Just wondering if maybe it's the right way to edit this kind of photo by pixelmator?
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2020-12-18 03:51:39

For example, I found a great post on Lightroom, ... way-photo/

Could anybody tell me how to make it work in Pixelmator pro?
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2020-12-18 15:37:50

Pixelmator Pro doesn't yet support Apple ProRAW photos, but we'll be releasing an update adding support next week. Looking at the guides you shared, most of the same steps should work in Pixelmator Pro – did you get stuck on a particular part of the process?