Feature Reqest "Small fixes"

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-11-29 11:25:44

1) Canvas Size Tool
The suggested settings is today the image size. I suggest it should be my last settings. If I should do 100 pictures in different sizes, I need to think and take fist 45 landscape format and the rest later. Today I have to sett the Canvas size every time ( to the same settings in 99,5% )

2) Hide / Show Presets
This looks more like a bug, the app do not remember the settings and I have to Hide Presets every time.

3) Crop Tool
The suggested settings should be “Original”. This tis today very frustrated and goes often wrong.

3) Selection Tool
Refine Edgre Softnes / Expand, please remember my last settings, that I use to 99%.

4) Pixelmator Preferences
Please add “Default Toolbox”, I mean (C), (A), (M) and so on. My workflow always start with another tool then I used last. So next time I launch the Pixelmator Editor” I could use it directly

5) Vignette Tool
In this tool I have to change exposure from 50% to 25% that I think is better for me. My brother change from +50% to -70 that he think is better, and he doing it every time. Pleas remember the last settings.

Image size in main window
This is more like a bug on my self, I want so see the edges of the picture (and be sure). Today it looks using 100% of the possible place. Also a settings in the preferences or remember the last settings. So I could set it to example 95%. Today the first I do is scale down ( cmd - ) also every time
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2020-12-02 13:21:34

Hey Sven-Erik, number 2 is indeed a bug that should've been fixed with yesterday's update to Pixelmator Pro. The others are logical requests, but the default toolbox one I'm not sure if I've understood – is it that you'd like a specific tool of your choosing to always be selected first when opening an image?
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2020-12-02 15:00:18

You could customise the tools from top to bottom. When I load a new picture my toolbox is organised from top with first the crop tool, because I always start with crop my image, then as second is color (light and so on) ..

But I can see a problem here, how many users organise it like how they working? And in my own case I don't use the crop tool In Pro, I do use Pixelmator Classic first and do the crop. ( So wait with this ) Or perhaps then it should be settings in the Preferences what you tool you need to be active when you open a new picture.

The Crop Tool
I use and have used Pixelmator Classic for some years, and I do it much faster with that tool! My suggestions about the Crop tool, the tool in Pixelmator Classic suggest "Original ratio" that is correct to 95% not 100% wrong as in Pixelmator Pro (Please take a look in Pixelmator Classic Crop Tool )

I have used and hard tested my workflow now for some days ( about 100 pictures ). I like a lot of it, and I see it could be a really nice tool. But I don't like to change the same slider from 0 to 95 every, every time. I also do [ cmd - ] to adjust the picture in the editor window, every time I open a new picture

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to the next version ..
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2020-12-03 22:14:26

I have used the Crop Tool in Pixelmator Pro now for some tests. As I wrote before, I used Classic a lot and that means I don't think, just doing it.

Now I see that Classic saves the last used ratio or original. And this works flawless to 95% for me. In the last time I have cropped both landscapes and portraits to sqare and that also works fine in classic, because the last used ratio is saved.

So if the Pixelmator Pro Crop Tool could work in the same way ( the last used ratio ), it would be nice.

Also, yes I nearly always (90%) begin with the crop tool when loading a new image. I just do the crop in the correct ratio, the (file) size do not matter. So yes, it would be nice if that tool activates by auto when loading an new image. Some type of Preference settings for just that tool.

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2020-12-18 14:58:05

Noted, we'll be making some bigger improvements to the Crop tool over the next few updates, so we'll see about also addressing these issues!