What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-11-28 11:52:45

HI, I am new to Pixelmator Pro 2 and really like what I see so far - well done to the developers!

However, what I have noticed with certain other image editing applications, is they seem to introduce new features, whilst certain BASIC features are left out.

I really hope this doesn't happen here. Things like a history panel, separate adjustment layers, LUTs, CMYK editing, non-rounded edge strokes etc are absent from a "Pro" version 2, which may prevent a lot of designers from switching over to Pixelmator Pro 2.

If certain missing features were given priority, this would produce a stable base for Pros to work with, and might encourage a bigger migration of users.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed - keep up the good work!
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2020-12-19 09:19:49

You are right, lut support and adjustment layers will come as far as I have read. The history tool, too - further down the line.