Unwanted transparency after softening

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2020-11-22 16:44:11

When I soften parts of an image, and the softening is used near the edge of the picture, the soften brush always seems to leave me with unwanted transparency on the edge of the photo. Maybe that's great in art, but in photo editing it seems weird to have parts of the edge of a photo suddenly disappear due to softening. Could this be a preference, or is it already and I'm missing it? Please help.

I just want to be able to blur parts of an image without having to recreate the edges of the picture. Thanks!

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2020-11-22 20:23:18

Additionally, when I warp part of a photo near an edge, transparency starts to show. This is another instance where that may be desired for art, but for photography, it has to be filled in. It would be great if Pixelmator Pro could have the preference to "smart auto-fill" that area. Image
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2020-11-26 13:16:11

Hey Harris, if you choose Format > Image > Preserve Transparency, those areas will not become transparent when softening. In addition, when applying blur effects, you can click the name of the effect and you'll find the same Preserve Transparency option there.

As for warping, I can't think of a good solution here but I'll pass this on to the team and we'll keep it in mind!
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2020-11-27 23:34:15

Fantastic! Thank you so much, Andrius!