Making Xcode icon assets (per HIG "Design icons as glyphs")

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2020-11-09 20:48:44

The Apple HIG says:
Design icons as glyphs. A glyph, also known as a template image, is a monochromatic image with transparency, anti-aliasing, and no drop shadow that uses a mask to define its shape.

The attempts I've made result in non-tintable images when I make, say, a tab bar item image. How do I make a glyph in Pixelmator or Pixelmator Pro? Has anyone got a tutorial for this?
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2020-11-20 13:33:18

Hi Bob, we don't have a tutorial for this, but the steps here should work: ... r_your_app

The main point is you need to export an SVG file from SF Symbols and use that as a template, making sure to comply with all the other requirements. If this isn't working for you, do let us know and we'll dig deeper!
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2020-11-20 18:50:44

The other thing needed is to add .renderingMode(.template) to the Image view.