Any to change Default Save As // Export Location

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2020-10-05 18:22:20

I felt like I was able do this with the original Pixelmator App.

When I go to Save As a new image I would like it to always default to iCloud, whereas it always shows my last saved location.

The reason I'm looking for it to not Go to the last save location is.

-Where I create a project in Pix Pro I always want to save it to -iCloud

-When I export a finished project I always change it to my Desktop.

So since the export is always my last Save action it always shows as desktop. I don't remember the export and save as actions being tied together in Pixelmator OG.

Obviously it's just a minor inconvenience but hopefully its something that can be done or addressed.
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2020-10-06 10:38:22

Yes, this is a known issue/inconvenience — we haven't had to address it just yet, but we do plan to eventually.
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2020-10-06 13:40:39

Fair enough! Thank you for the quick reply!