Show images in sub-folders

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-09-21 16:10:03


In PM Pro there is an option you can turn off, called “View Albums as List” under Settings -> Photo.
Turning this OFF is a massive help for me as I have a hierarchy of folders + albums such as:

|- 2020
—|- Jan
—|- Feb
—|- Mar
With multiple albums under each of the month.

When I select on 2020, currently it shows me the next row of folders which I need to select to go into and view the albums, but what I would like to do is have an option at the very top which says “show all sub-folder content” and allow me click this so it shows all images from all albums under all the sub-folders.

This would be a massive help in navigating. Sometimes going into specific folder/album is needed, sometimes you just need a high level view of all sub-folders.

Guessing it’s not possible. Be nice if we could search EXIF/metadata of photos from Apple Photos to. But that option doesn’t even exist in Apple Photos itself.

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2020-09-22 09:38:57

Just to double-check, am I right in thinking you'd like to see this feature from Pixelmator Photo on iPad in the Pixelmator Pro browser on macOS?

In any case, we'd like to improve the Photos browser in Pixelmator Pro, so we can keep all this in mind!
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2020-09-22 09:45:48

In short, yes.

On the MacOS version of the app, under preferences there is actually already a tickbox for "display contents of subfolders" but it doesn't work. You even get a specific message in the centre column window, at the bottom that tells you the app doesn't show images in subfolders.
So it would be nice to see this implemented on macOS as well. I'm assuming it's a feature that someone began coding but it never got fully implemented.

But for me, and a lot of other photographers, I am looking to try and "go all in" on iPad Pro for my entire workflow in post processing. I don't want to have to jump back onto a Mac to do anything.
So having this feature on iPad would be greatly appreciated as well. Easier said than done due to the limited amount of RAM on the devices. But if Apple Photos can show hundreds and thousands under "all photos" pretty smoothly, then it must be possible.