Automatic restoration of old faded color photos

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-09-10 01:36:04

I decided to digitize my family's gigantic photo collection. I'm sure you've all seen how old color photos degrade over time – blue and green faster than red. Turns out I have thousands of them that have different levels of fading based on age and paper/print quality.

It would be an amazing feature if Pixelmator Pro could automatically restore faded colors. This is already achievable by manually playing with the Color Adjustments, but it is a slow and labor-intensive process. Given how impressive some of the ML features in Pixelmator Pro are, I bet you could do a really impressive "Faded photo restore" fature.

In the meantime... I'll keep my faded digitized photos around.
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2020-09-10 02:50:54

I completely agree. I would find this very useful!
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2020-09-11 07:01:32

Would be cool