Halftone removal and despeckle filters

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-08-23 09:58:04

Despeckle filter
It would be really useful if there was a simple, configurable filter that can remove speckle artefacts that commonly occur on scanned documents, preferably without blurring the image. I.E. Something akin to GIMPs despeckle and moire removal filter.

Halftone Removal filter
An "intelligent" filter that detects halftone patterns in an image and smooths them out preferably without destroying non-halftone detail (such as text). Most approaches to halftone removal use a combination of gaussian blur and unsharp mask, but the resultant image invariable loses detail. Something smarter would be genuinely useful.
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2020-08-27 14:40:24

Feature request noted!