Specify resolution when exporting for web

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2020-08-14 05:57:38

I'm dying to switch over to Pixelmator and abandon PS once and for all. I'm in the 30-day trial right now and having a lot of fun playing with the beautifully designed, super fast app.

However, I'm pretty surprised that I am not able to specify my desired resolution when exporting for web. The 1x, 2x, .5x are nice, but they don't achieve the objective at all. And even resizing the image using the Image Size tool is suboptimal because you have to remember to undo your changes if you don't want to mistakenly save a small version of your image over the full resolution original.

Are there plans to add this functionality? I think it's it's a critical capability for people who work with web development.
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2020-08-18 14:52:33

Hey there, by desired resolution, I take it you mean the exact pixel size of the image? Not PPI (which, of course, has no effect on images displayed on the web...)

I think that's what you probably mean, I just want to make sure!
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2020-08-26 22:19:26

Hi Andrius!

Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. We often need to export an image in a particular size. For example, let's say I have a high resolution version of a client's logo and often need to export a different version of it. Maybe the logo file is stored as a layered psd file, and I want to open it and export a 200px wide version plus a 400px wide version for high DPI displays, without affecting the original layered file (I don't want to mistakenly change its size and then forget I did that and then save a lower resolution version!).

Does this make sense? For comparison, I'm showing the export window from Photoshop. It's great because it lets me change sizes, and types, and quality, see the preview and expected image size, and export the image, all without actually changing the underlying layered image. I hope this helps.

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2020-08-27 14:37:19

Understood, thanks for the clarification! We'll keep this in mind.