Color/swatch selection improvements

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-07-13 15:22:36

Hi, me again with yet another "I wish I were using Photoshop" sort of request.

It would be nice if there were a floating window thing that let me always have access to color swatches, and also see what the current foreground/background color are. Ideally one that is a bit more space-efficient than the color picker, as well.

Right now selecting swatch colors is a bit of a multi-step process, which slows down a flat coloring workflow.

Relatedly, it'd also be nice if one could use an image as a color picker swatch reference, like for my comics I usually have a coloring reference with a sketchy-blobby version of my characters that I can pick from. The way color picking works in Pixelmator doesn't make this very convenient (since each document has its own foreground/background color) but if there were a means of loading a swatch image that could be picked from directly, that would speed things up a lot.

Another nice thing with Photoshop is you can hold down the I key and click on a color (even in another open document), and then when you release the I key it goes back to the tool you were on. I got very used to using this to speed up my coloring.
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2020-07-15 13:22:48

Requests are always interesting to hear, so feel free to keep them coming! I've shared this one with the team, too.
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2021-07-31 05:41:24

Maybe make it so that in the style toolbox it's possible to expand the color box (which is currently showing the selected color + the dropper button) into a slightly more space-efficient version of the color selection popup. Similar to how it's possible to expand (and un-expand) the macOS standard "save file" dialog.