Masking adjustments.

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2020-06-25 15:48:26

How can one apply more than one adjustment to an image, masking different parts of the same image for each adjustment. For example an image has three subjects, a flower vase, a table, and a lamp, How could one apply Hue and Saturation to the first subject only, Sharpening to the second, and Lightness adjustment to the third subject in the same image. If every adjustment could come with its own mask, that would make the workflow so much simpler.
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2020-06-25 17:09:15

What I do is create a layer (containing a copy of the image) for each part of the image that I want to adjust separately, mask it up so that the area I want to adjust is the only thing showing then apply the effects as I choose.

Does that help any?
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2020-06-26 00:25:27