Pixelmator PRO Removing backgrounds and adding new ones

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2020-05-02 01:01:21

Hi everybody, I know Im a rookie at this, I simply want to delete the background of one my baby girls pics and replace it with cloud pic that I downloaded. I watch the video a million times and cant seem to get the hang of it. Even when I try adding her image, and the cloud was the background, she was so zoomed in. can anybody help, with this quarantine thing, using a SLR and photo editing, I understand and respect how the PRos do it.
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2020-05-04 13:06:50

Hey there, we'd love to help out! Which part of the process are you getting stuck with?

This is a great step by step guide for doing something like this:

https://www.pixelmator.com/tutorials/re ... -an-other/