Vectors and PDF

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-04-12 12:58:23

I'm wondering when it will be possible to create vectors and export in pdf without seeing pixels. I mean the price is really fair, but the world PRO means that I can at least work on a client logo, and right now it is not possible. It would be a next level, making Pixelmator really PRO and the simplest program on the market, think about it!
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2020-04-14 16:27:42

We'd love to, but it's a fairly significant feature. We'll obviously keep the idea in mind but, just out curiosity, is SVG unsuitable in your workflow?
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2020-05-03 16:35:37

please do iiiit! do like a premium version so whoever wants to pay for these features can
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2020-05-04 13:09:13

by Letticia Freitas please do iiiit! do like a premium version so whoever wants to pay for these features can
We're not big on in-app purchases so if we add this, it will be for everyone. But, again, purely out of interest, what kind of things would you use vector PDFs for? I ask just because if we do work on this in the future, we can keep your workflows in mind.
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2020-05-21 21:42:52

Ok sorry to be a pain im just lazy i guess lol I use pixelmator to create vectors with my art so i can print tshirts. would be much easier for me converting the pics of my art into vectors
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2020-05-22 08:52:25

Understood! I don't have all that much printing experience personally, so this might be a slightly silly question, but does SVG not work for you? That's one vector format that Pixelmator Pro does support.

Also, laziness is great — it's one of the main things that drive innovation!
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2020-12-22 09:28:12

This feature would be very useful to iOS and Mac developers, as Xcode does not support vector symbols/images in SVG format (only PDF is supported). This means Pixelmator Pro currently cannot be used to export vector assets for iOS / Mac development.

In Xcode 12, Apple finally added support for SVG image assets. Under the hood, it works the same way as PDF format that serves us for all these years.