loupedeck support

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-04-10 14:27:05

Hey, I am trying to move from adobe suite to Pixelmator to edit raw pictures. with lightroom I use Loupedeck to speed up my colour grading.
Have you considered integrating support for this device? or maybe there already is support, just i can't find it..?
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2020-04-14 16:17:43

Hey there, Vykintai! Loupedeck is quite a specialized and advanced piece of hardware so it's not really the kind of thing we'd look to support in an app like Pixelmator Pro, at least not as long as we feel there are lots of other, more commonly used things we can work on. That's not to say we wouldn't ever add it in the future — it's a cool thing for sure, but for now, it's probably out of scope for us.