Pixelmator Photo presets in Pixelmator Pro

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-04-10 03:32:24

Pixelmator Photo's presets are substantially better than those that ship with Pixelmator Pro IMO. It would be amazing if you could add the Photo presets to Pro as well.
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2020-04-10 10:00:33

Hi Bill, we have some plans to do this but to do the job right, we'd first need to create preset groups in Pixelmator Pro (we're working on it). In the meantime, you can share presets from Pixelmator Photo and add them to Pixelmator Pro yourself.

To do that, touch and hold it a preset and choose Share. In the Share activity view, choose how you wish to share the preset.

Hope that helps!
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2020-04-10 20:33:11

Oh perfect, thanks!