How can I edit psd files in Pixelmator Pro?

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2020-03-23 16:25:22

I would say I am a Pixelmator novice, and might be missing this completely, but I am having trouble editing .psd files on Pixelmator Pro. I can import them, and open them, they show up and look great, but I can't edit any text, I can really change anything. How can I edit the text layers? I need to be able to do this for work, and would like to not have to buy adobe photo shop

I recently purchased this MacBook Pro, so I don't believe the hardware is an issue. Please if any one could help that would be great!
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2020-03-23 16:34:18

Hey there, usually with PSD text layers, there are two layers: one image layer where the text looks exactly like it should (just in case you don't have the right font or there's some special formatting that might not be supported) and the text layer, with as much formatting as possible, is hidden by default. This is done because we can't always guarantee the text will have the correct appearance. You'll find the text layer in the Layers sidebar just below the image layer — you can hide the image layer and show the text layer to edit the text.
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2020-03-23 16:45:42



I have attempted to upload an image of my screen shot, I have attempted to do what you have said, I change change the text in the layers, but it is not showing up in the actual image, I don't know how to make my changes actually effect the image I am working on. Any suggestions?
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2020-03-23 17:08:55

Next to some of the layers (one called 'meeting' and another called 'FAMILY'), there's an eye icon with strike through it, indicating the layer is hidden — if you click that eye icon, the layer will show up in your image, then you can choose the Type tool (as you have done already), then click the layer to edit it.