Shape dimension/ratio locking

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2020-03-22 20:34:57

For regular ellipses and rectangles you can press the space bar to assure a true sphere or square; this does not work on other shapes.

I have shape just created that when placed, regardless of the size I want to maintain the vertical and horizontal ratio. I see nothing in the documentation, but it would be very useful to lock the ratio; it is too easy to squash or elongate a shape.

It would be good to have some key combo (or - orthogonally speaking - the space bar) that will maintain any shape ratio.

Thanks so much for this tool.
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2020-03-23 10:38:16

Pressing and holding the Shift key should get you the result you’re looking for — this actually constrains proportions pretty much everywhere in the app (and in most other apps, including when you’re resizing macOS application windows). However, there is a trick to it, which is that you have to press the Shift key after you begin drawing a shape because the modifier keys can also be used to unite, subtract, intersect, and exclude shapes. Also, pressing and holding the Option key (after beginning to draw a shape) will increase its size from the center in all directions, rather than from one corner, which you might find useful.
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2020-03-23 15:50:47

I discovered the press shift timing after starting this feature request - but was unsuccessful at deleting this request. Thank you for your response.
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2020-03-23 15:56:37

All good, there's no need to delete it — someone else might stumble upon it and find it useful.