Auto crop and straighten

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-11-29 07:51:12

Hi, in PS there is a very useful feature called "auto crop and straighten photo". Input is either one photo or a several photos in one image. The function automatically crops the photo(s), straightens them and creates a new file for each photo found. I find this very useful, e.g. when digitising analog photos. I think that would be a great feature in pixelmator pro, particularly in combination with ML and batch processing through automator. What do you think?
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2019-12-02 15:32:00

Definitely a cool idea and within the realms of possibility with more automation support in Pixelmator Pro — we've been looking into this recently.
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2019-12-07 11:03:17

Thanks, Andrius. Does that mean that this feature is on your list and we can expect it to come soon?
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2019-12-09 16:11:56

I never like to make promises about features before we begin working on them so I really can't say that you should expect this soon but we've made a note of this and we'll think about it. That's about the best I can do for now.
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2021-02-09 16:49:01

Just wanted to cast my vote. A smart cropping feature, runnable as a quick action, would be a game changer.

Right now I'm using smartcrop.js command line interface, but it would be amazing to have something like that baked into Pixelmator Pro.