pivot point and bounding box

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2019-06-21 18:14:48

can't I find the center of rotation? am I clumsy or is it really not in the program? I think it is an important thing to determine which corner point I can rotate or freely set it out of shape.

Another problem is that the layer position on the property panel is always determined by side points. You should be able to do this, optionally using the center point.
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2019-06-27 14:40:40

Thanks for another two very valid feature requests — a custom rotation has also been requested in the past. The other request is a new one, now on our (rather extensive) feature request list.
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2019-09-24 22:22:43

Center of rotation or pivot point is very necessary.
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2021-02-05 12:30:15

waiting for this essential feature...