Vector tool improvements

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-06-21 16:59:39

There are very few options for pen and line stroke settings. Only 3 types of lines. it would be much more, but it would be better if you could define your own. The front / end of the line should also be individually adjustable, arrows, circles, etc ... but it would be better to use it in editable or custom shapes.

The line thickness would also be very good to dynamically adjust using curves like other vector programs.
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2019-06-27 14:20:21

Some of the things you mentioned certainly would suit Pixelmator Pro but certain others would be more suited to a Vectormator app. Maybe someday... As for Pixelmator Pro vector improvements in general, we've certainly been considering them and have some concrete ideas for what we want to address.
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2019-07-06 08:03:52

I would also be very pleased with this development.
Can Be Used For Professional Vector And Raster In A Program. All my dreams are such a solution.
If you could even work on it with engineering precision, as with simpler CAD programs, it would be a huge sensation.

Often I make sketches, architectural designs, it would be good to solve a program quickly.
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2021-03-24 01:06:51

Wholeheartedly agree. Coming from on Windows, I was surprised to see no configurable end types. I would at minimum like to see that available on the line and bezier shapes. As far as I can tell there is no easy way to make a simple arrow. On Windows I use for simple annotations all the time. On the Mac I can do it in Preview, but it seems crazy to have to exit this very power drawing program to do something in Preview.

Sincerely hope to see this feature sometime soon.
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2021-05-13 12:30:59

Aw!!! I was convinced I was missing something so simple it would be sitting under my nose - but for an app like this not to have a simple arrow-headed line (that you can bend!) that wasn't a 'shape'. (I was pressing that line button forever expecting this option to magically appear). Hey ho... back to the basic Mac Preview pane...

C'mon Pixelmator.