Converting text into curves and changing colours

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2019-05-21 15:26:38

I make a headline. I change it into curves. I have no trouble manipulating the individual characters, but, and here is my problem: it seems impossible to change the colour of the individual characters. Have I missed something or could this be something for coming releases?
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2019-05-21 16:06:32

Hi Republiken.
I ran into this a while back ( ... 16&t=15607).
Long story short: when Pixelmator Pro (1.3.4) converts text into curves, it creates a single compound object that contains all the letters. This object can only accept a single style. If you want to style the letters individually, expand the compound object and drag* the letters out into a group. You will then be able to style them individually.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
*I can’t think of a faster way than dragging the letters out of the compound object. Maybe you can.