Support for Blackmagic Micro Panel and Davinci like grading UI

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-02-12 13:26:22

I've noticed that you guys have moved to a more Blackmagic Davinci Resolve like UI for midtones and shadows. I think there is a huge opportunity to essentially win over all serious users of Davinci Resolve if you model both your UI for adjustments and in particular get Pixelmator Pro to work with their really awesome Micro panels. Plenty of hybrid shooters out there shooting both photography and video. We want to be able to use the hardware we already have and find a similar UI in programs when it comes to color grading in order to be able to speedily edit photos and grade them. ... ve/control

You could easily make Pixelmator Pro the photo editor of choice if you figure out how to play nicely with Davinci's hardware and offer a UI that is similar and intuitive for any colorist or editor using Davinci Resolve.
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2019-02-14 01:08:42

It's my editor of choice anyway 😄
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2019-02-15 13:31:17

Great. You are already converted. It's about all those Davinci Resolve users who aren't. Since Davinci Resolve isn't ideal for image editing then it makes sense for a nimble application like Pixelmator Pro to jump in and support the Micro Panel. And others like the Behringer Xtouch Mini which is great for use with Lightroom.
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2019-02-15 15:22:03

This is a tricky topic to address — we love the wheel-based UI for color balance, though we added it because we feel it's actually easier to use and more accessible than the slider-based UI, not exactly because we want to adapt our app for colorists. Our goal for Pixelmator Pro remains to ensure that it's the most accessible and user-friendly image editor out there. More complicated adjustments based on really pro-oriented color grading apps and workflows are not currently on our roadmap, though we can certainly be convinced otherwise if we feel that they make the app easier to use or great results easier to achieve.

As for supporting Blackmagic hardware, to start with, we'd simply have to try some out and see how we could integrate support in Pixelmator Pro. Again, that's not a huge priority at the moment as at least the next 6 months are mapped out as far as color adjustment improvements are concerned and those improvements are much more relevant to our average users (it's stuff like noise reduction, clarity, adjustment layers, along with some other great features). But further down the line, it might be worth for us to investigate the possibilities here.
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2019-02-15 15:57:16

How about offering a pulldown choice/or setting for a colorist mode?

Have you tried any hardware with Lightroom or Davinci?

The Xtouch Mini (roughly $45-60) that is an incredible time saver for people who do many edits.

And I think that regardless of how user friendly you want to make Pixelmator Pro it's the users who seriously use it (usually semi-pro/pro users) who are multiplications and will turn other people onto the product. I've mentioned Pixelmator Pro to several artists who are hard to convince a move from Photoshop. Same applies for Photographers who are usually wedded to Lightroom (not sure I can give it up especially now that I have Xtouch Mini set up). Colorists using Davinci could be a market. Just saying.

Would love to see hardware support for either panel really.
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2019-02-15 16:03:27

I agree with you on many of your points (honestly!) and I think there's definitely value in us examining this moving forward — just saying we want to take care of a few of the basics before branching out into more exotic features/workflows. But if after a while you don't see any movement on this front, do feel free to prod us and give us some encouragement.