Color Replace tool more then ones

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-10-23 04:57:31

I would love if I could use the color replace tool more then ones without putting it into a group to be able to select the feature again. Could you implement such a request in a future update, thanks?
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2018-10-23 10:33:13

I think that would make sense — I've passed on the request!
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2019-12-18 16:35:22

Any update on this Andrius? Just ran into this yesterday, would be really handy to do multiple replacements in one layer, perhaps even duplicating any of the color adjustments would.
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2019-12-18 18:36:20


I asked him about this in an other thread again. He said that after the next Color adjustment improvements, this is possible.
Do you have further information about this?
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2019-12-19 09:27:54

Just need to find some time to squeeze this in (and with Pixelmator Photo, we also need to add it there first for a few technical reasons) but it's mostly a UI thing. In our plans for sure, though.