Font list not updated in the app after font activation

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2018-08-03 10:50:38

Hi, I loveeeeee the Pro! It would be great if the app could immediately update the font list at once after activating a font from a font app. I need to constantly restart the app in order to make the activated font appear....
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2018-12-02 16:18:20


The quickest way I've found to get around this issue is to go up to the FORMAT menu, FONT >SHOW FONTS

All the recently installed fonts will show up there

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2018-12-03 10:21:36

This should have been fixed in a previous update actually — I can't remember which one exactly, but it was between 1.1 and 1.2 if I'm not mistaken. If you're still having trouble with fonts not appearing while the app is running, we'd love to hear from you at