Nearest Neighbor/Pixellate when scaling

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-05-31 23:39:55

As someone who does pixel art, this is pretty dang essential. Photoshop has the ability to choose sampling algorithm when scaling an image. Pixelmator 1 lets you select Nearest Neighbour too, via a hidden shortcut (Option-clicking on the "Ok" button of the resize dialog).

Can we get this in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-08-24 15:52:20

I also would like to see this supported.
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2018-09-03 10:13:50

This is definitely in our plans, probably not in the next one or two updates, but hopefully not too long after that.
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2018-09-12 17:09:33

Brand new Pixelmator Pro customer here. I also badly need some algorithm selection for scaling my images down. Any quick update will be definitely appreciated.
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2018-10-30 19:01:11

Any news about this?
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2019-01-14 20:48:02

Thanks for the hidden shortcut info, why is that a hidden feature?!

Also, Photoshop has a preview of the change, which would be an obvious timesaver (for the normal Pixelmator also).
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2019-01-15 09:13:43

Just in case anyone missed this, this particular feature is now available in Pixelmator Pro as of version 1.2.4. In fact, there are three different resizing algorithms you can choose from — Bilinear, Lanczos, and Nearest Neighbor. Just click the Show Details button at the bottom of the Image Size dialog and choose an algorithm to use it:


As for a preview, I'll add this to the feature request list and we'll consider it!
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2019-03-13 06:43:11

Will this feature be coming to vanilla Pixelmator, or remaining in Pro? I already own Pixelmator, and I'd prefer to not spend $40 for a single feature.
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2019-03-14 12:33:35

In the original Pixelmator, you can Option-click the OK button to use the nearest neighbor scaling algorithm. Is that the algorithm you're looking for?