Make the pen tool less 'selecty' + make nodes snap

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2018-05-26 09:50:21

Hi all.

I've got two feature requests here. Both have been bugging me at a very low level so I've never got around to posting them... until now.

If I want to draw the following:

I can start by drawing a hexagon. Easy. Polygon then change to six sides.
Then I try to draw the line and run into problems.
When I use the pen tool over the hexagon, it selects the shape rather than drawing the starting point of the line.
So, I have to draw the line arbitratily on screen, then move the start and end nodes where I want them. Unfortunateley they don't snap so I've got to draw them by eye or use guides.

What I'd like is the following.
Make the Pen tool incapable of selecting anything. Give it draw priority. If I want to select something, I'll use the Arrage tool.
When editing nodes, or the ends of a line, make the points snap to nodes in other shapes.

Thanks ,

- Stef.