Mathematical operators in image/canvas size dialogue

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2018-05-23 11:06:05

Dear Pixelmator team,

I find that when I'm adjusting canvas size, it's often a multiple of the original - e.g. if I want to rearrange a panel of two equal-sized figures from horizontal to vertical, I'll need to double the vertical canvas size. If the pixel count is not a precise multiple of 10 I generally don't want to have to work it out in my head and have to reach for the calculator.

Would it be possible to allow mathematical operators in the input box? e.g. if I want to double the size of an image that's 720 pixels on one axis, I'd just edit the box to read "720*2", or, if I want to halve the size "720/2". It would be a very handy shortcut.

Best wishes,

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2018-05-23 13:29:36

Hi Adam.

You can't type mathematical expressions into Image Size/Canvas Size but you can change the measure from pixels to percent. That should help.

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2018-06-01 05:40:21

Ah OK, that’s a good point! Thank you