ICC profiles

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-04-30 14:11:35

Can you add custom icc profiles to print
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2018-05-02 09:56:45

If you mean can you use custom ICC profiles in Pixelmator Pro, then yes, although you can edit using RGB color profiles only. You'd need to install the ICC profile OS-wide by adding it to the ColorSync folder of your system Library.
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2018-05-02 13:03:28

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2019-05-31 07:12:33

I’ve installed a Ricoh 3110DN Sublimation Printer onto my Mac. I use Pixelmator at the moment.
*What settings do I use to print correctly for sublimation?
*Do I have to install an ICC profile?
*Can I also print in RGB or does it have to be converted?

Thank you