Repeat an image several times on one page

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2018-04-27 18:54:21

I was wondering if the following is possible through Pixelmator.

Basically I want to create a tag for a product that says something like 'Happy Birthday' and then has a design around it.
I then want to print a page that has that tag duplicated as many times as will fit.

My ideal scenario is that I could save a template, come into it and amend the text and then easily be able to print a page filled with duplicates of that image.

Thanks for any help.
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2018-04-28 10:06:44

I can't think of anything within Pixelmator (or Pixelmator Pro) that would help.

As far as I know, neither of them have variables, linked clones or the ability to print 2-up, 4-up etc.

The Preview app does, though. If you export your image, load it into Preview, Print and press the Show Details button in the print dialog box you have the option to print multiple copies on a sheet (see screenshot below).

(edit: you don't even have to export. If you pull up the Print dialog box from within Pixelmator, the bottom left drop-down that defaults to PDF has an Open in Preview option.)
I hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-04-28 20:41:34

Though the solution with the print dialog is a good solution. I think I will copy this to the feature request forums as a feature request as well. Thanks guys.