Denoise / Noise Reduction

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-04-06 11:24:03

Denoise, noise reduction effects, similar to camera RAW noise reduction would be great!
I prefer CAMERA RAW noise reduction over the standard filters used by other image editors, as they give you a lot of control and but are easy to use.
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2018-04-06 14:04:15

Thank you for a great feature request!
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2018-12-20 14:07:06

Yes, please! This would be a great feature.
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2018-12-20 14:12:59

Currently working on it!
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2019-02-15 13:40:53

Very cool. There are several companies out there offering this as a standalone feature. So if it's really good this could be a reason to buy Pixelmator Pro.
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2019-04-06 15:21:54

Let me add to that request for noise reduction. I shoot for a pro music magazine and sometimes have to push to really hi ISO.
Now thing I love about Pixelmator is I edit with C1 and on1 raw 2019 and Pixelmator speedwise blows them away.

Im hoping a dropper tool comes also for white balance and maybe more special effects or plug ins for making cinematic colors etc. Otherwise, Great Jog!!
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2019-04-08 17:42:34

Hey Gary, we're still working on this. It probably goes without saying but we've got really high standards for quality and we don't want to release something that's around the same level as other products, we always aim higher. So with noise reduction, we're aiming to create the best denoise tool possible, which preserves quality and sharpness while removing all noise as flawlessly as possible. That's quite a tricky task and our machine learning servers have been toiling away for a while now, but this is most definitely still on the roadmap.

What kind of a dropper tool are you looking for in the white balance adjustment, by the way? Something other than gray point?
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2019-04-08 20:51:42

Just grey, one question though, is there a work around when I’m dealing with multiple photos that I need to cull where I can open multiple images, see them at a usable size to pick out the ones I want then start editing instead of finishing a photo then closing it then opening another one and trying to see what it looks like so I can decide if I really want to edit it or not
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2019-04-10 04:41:01

Hi Andrius,

That's really great that you are aiming high and only release a product or feature of it is ready. I agree to this. I am really keen on this one, do you have a kind of a lease date in mind? Like 2 to 3 months?
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2019-04-11 15:03:43

Making promises isn't a great idea because even if the tool itself is close to being ready to test, for example, a whole host of things can get in the way of its release. So, as frustrating as it is, know that we're doing our best. And some other great things are getting close to release. That's probably the best way to avoid disappointment!
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2019-04-11 21:29:46

Sure if it is not ready its not worth releasing also false promises. Keep up your great work.
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2019-04-12 16:19:33

By the way, dunno if you saw, but here’s one of those cool things we’re working on for one of the next few updates: ... 73121?s=21
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2019-05-04 17:16:18

Agree. I look forward to a noise update. Thanks
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2019-05-14 15:25:58

hi 👋 any updates on this in the lates version? 🙇🏻‍♂️
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2019-05-15 13:59:29

Still actively being developed but there are still a few kinks to be ironed out.