Dim non-active Toolbars

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2018-02-16 18:21:04

One of the drawback of a Toolbar per window is often times there is more than one toolbar visible. Often times I will have one window near fullscreen and a smaller window in front of that as the active window. I have this habit that will probably take years to break of going to the righthand side of my screen to access my toolbar. I then click on a tool, which happens to be a different window, so I now switch away for what was my active window.

Request: Can background Toolbars have some visual indicator that they are inactive? Perhaps a big X or highly dimmed. I don't care what. At least that way I have a visual reminder that I am about to click on the inactive and wrong toolbar and window. I wouldn't expect to be "locked" into the active window if clicking on an inactive toolbar as that would blow away the window/clicking paradigm.